Significance Of Great Ocean Road

Significance Of Great Ocean Road

The 12 apostles great ocean road tour is 400 km roads and it has many significant places for visits of tourists and even the local. Firs hotspot is Melbourne to the place of Apollo Bay. This area is called as the paradise for the surfers, this area is where the Great ocean road starts. You can enjoy the surfing in this area. After this there is a 30 kilometer wide area which provide you a beautiful view of coastal areas. While going along this area then you stop at the part where the Lorne starts. At this area the rainforest starts, where you can enjoy many things such as fishing or you could see the falls of Erskine. Then after you get done with this area you move towards the Apollo bay which is the beach which gives you a splendid view of cliffs in surroundings. There is a lighthouse in this area which is said to be the oldest lighthouse in the Australia. Being a tourist you can also pay a visit to it and if it does not catches your attention then you may get interest in visiting the Grampians.  

The next part of the Great Ocean road is between the Apollo Bay and Warnambool. This is the place where the great ocean road 12 apostles are located. These apostles are the tall rocks which are standing in the mid point of the Ocean. These apostles exhibit the unique phenomenon of nature and enhances the beauty of this Southern Ocean. There are even helicopters through which you can view the beauties of these apostles combined with the Ocean from even a wider scale.  Then there comes the stop of Warnambool which is famous for its winters. In winters the offshores help you see the giant whales. If you want to stay for some time in this magnificent region then the Lady bay resort is the best option for this. There are even more locations than you can visit in this region which includes the extinct volcanos, eco-park, port fairy and last but not the least The tower hill state Game reserve.  

Finally the great ocean road ends at Melbourne. But on your way from Warnambool to Melbourne there are yet many places to see in this highway. The great otway national park is an extreme spot for people visiting this road. It has many trees, lakes and wildlife that is roaming around the trees in this wild park.   


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