Saying I Do And Want To Celebrate On A Budget?

Saying I Do And Want To Celebrate On A Budget?

The millennials are increasingly giving up the idea of a lavish marriage ceremony. And with good reason too. It could be an extravagance… Although it is one of those days that is unforgettable in many ways, the costs are going up for a lot of things and you can’t simple “miss” doing some things and just go ahead with only a few acts.

Budget it

First and foremost, if you are restricted to a certain amount, talk to your partner and decide if you really, truly want a ceremony. A party and a celebration with a lot of people most of whom could be not very happy for you even! After that, if you still want to, then you can decide on how to go about it. First have a final figure which you’d like to spend. This could be a total sum of contributions from your parents, you and your partner. It is always good to talk with everyone and decide to spend that amount wisely. Perhaps go for perfect small wedding venues, use e-invites, choose a close few as guests and more. 

Budget hacks

Apart from choosing an inexpensive venue and a small number of guests, there are some more hacks you can use. Ask for wedding favours from guests rather than gifts. What are you going to do with those two dozen of wine glasses anyway? It is advantageous cost-wise, if you can get some one to take care of your transport, cake and if possible, stitching of the weddingdresses and other relevant clothes. Try to get a home caterer rather than a corporate one and check the menu carefully to see how you can get a value-for-money meal for the participants. With the current software, any one with even a slight knowledge can manage a DJ console so you can ask a good techie friend to take care of that as well. Also, if you don’t have to buy the dress, do hire it. It’s not like you are going to reuse it ever again.

Planning a honeymoon

While a good celebration and its photo memories will survive some time, what will endure for the longest time is your own memories. Do not cut back on having a good honeymoon; nevertheless, there is no need to spend so much on wedding night accommodation as that day you will be tired and travelling long distances will just make you increase the fatigue. Choose to travel to a beautiful, quiet place after some time, perhaps you can fly to a low-cost but lovely tropical country such as Indonesia, Sri Lanka or even Maldives. These island nations provide the best honeymoon destinations. There is no restriction to saying I Do with abudget! So, get planning today for your big day.

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