Glass Of Wine A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Glass Of Wine A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

There are so many perceptions and conceptions regarding alcohol consumption, talking rationally unrelated to any religion, culture, history or country. Alcohol consumption has always been the talk of town. So many people love to consume it daily, but then excess of everything is bad. We all have heard the term moderate drinking (although pour size varies from glass to glass) which means to drink in some limit. Actually a suitable glass of wine is approx… 5 ounce pours and that is considered to be healthy, another piece of information is for female a glass per day is considered as healthy whereas, for males maximum two glasses are fine. Talking about wine drags us towards the reason of consuming it, let’s see how it benefits us, so that next time your spouse won’t stop from consumption of wine.

Antioxidant: It marginally reduces the radicals that can trigger health issues (yes some serious issues) such as cancer and prostate. Specifically if one wants to kill the radicals one must go for white wine (we bet some of us don’t even know this type of wine, but it is there). For red wine lover this will be a surprising fact that white wine has more health benefits than red (if consumed moderately).

Immunity: weak immune system catches frequent flu and fever. The pure medication for weak immune system is wine. Another interesting fact is stop consuming vitamins and start pouring a glass of wine daily, alternate of artificial vitamins is wine. But like discussed moderate drinking please! Looking for a perfect wine you can visit this page for such details.

Density of bone: a Frenchman has rough and dense bone why? Because in France after meals it’s a ritual to consume a suitable amount of red wine, it actually increases the density of bone and diminishes the chances of osteoporosis. Moreover, it helps you to sleep as well, like a warm glass of milk.

Stroke resistant: wine reduces the risk of stroke, moderate consumption of wine can help thinning blood, in other words wine is a natural blood thinner, automatically reduces the chances of stroke. Majorly this attribute of wine is more beneficial for females than males; prevent blood clotting and thickness of blood. The key to this cure is, “consume it moderately” don’t become an alcoholic, otherwise it has an adverse effect, and instead of retaliating the heart stroke it attracts the disease badly.

Diabetes & cholesterol: tremendously and amazingly wine helps in controlling diabetes and lowering the cholesterol level, especially resveratrol reduces the LDL (bad cholesterol) and the key is, reduction of LDL is helpful for HDL to increase. Furthermore, for type 2 diabetes wine acts as a wonderful antedote. The basic ingredient is resveratrol, which is a proven item which gives control to insulin. Admit it one cannot just stop consuming sweets, sugar candies, donuts and when it back fires nobody can control the waistline. Listen! Everything must be in suitable limits, if wine is beneficial doesn’t mean to consume it like crazy, keep it moderate!!!

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